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Renae is Muvva Tee from Muvva & Co Shop

I write blogs & create relatable digital content where I share my everyday life as a black millennial mom, entrepreneur & pro makeup artist & beauty lover. 

Welcome to my little piece of the people's internet! 

Hey, I'm Renae.

Mom | Entrepreneur| Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger


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14 Jul 2020 | Activities

Now that we are back in Phase one Quarantine because of the spike in cases- we are just looking for some new cool activities to keep the little one occupied for even 5 mins! Moxie is full of energy from sun up to sun down and finding an activity that keeps her attention could be rough..

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14 Oct 2020 | Relationships

Our childhood traumas rear it’s ugly head and the defenses start to rise. Don’t get me wrong I was happy to see my mom. But the mom I knew that raised me —loved to party and be young and hip while I stayed home with my grandma and video games.


More Than A Blog..

Blogging about my motherhood journey has blessed me with the opportunity to give back to communities & start a nonprofit organization called Muvva Luxxe.


Muvva Luxxe is dedicated to the enrichment & enhancement of women/mothers & their families. 

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