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Year 28 is approaching in 5 days..and I can honestly say bold faith in God and #gratitude has helped me get through this whole year.  I can honestly say I’ve matured into a woman I’m actually very proud of being. 

I speak up when something is bothering me and question what doesn’t feel right. I accept all the things I can’t change and just move accordingly. whether I need  to remove myself completely from a situation or agree to disagree and be okay with just that. 

I ask for help when needed and learned being vulnerable is not a weakness. I learned how to deal with me “not being right” all the time and that’s a very hard thing for me to accept lol. It seems like the older I get the less fcks I give lol and honestly I have no problem with that! 

In the 28 years I’ve:

•moved across state with my little family 

•started my blog “Muvvahood” 

•made sales with my shop

•Saved money & invested money 

•raised my credit score 

And so many other little wins that’ll just add up to a major win .The main thing is that I forgave myself for the version of me that didn’t know better back then. 

This alone has gave me so much peace and allowed me to do and be a better person & mom most of all. 

I consistently tell myself everyday to

Be the better version of my best self so that my babies are even better than that! 

Can I get an AMEN?! #cheersto28 #libra #birthday

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