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20-Somethin' Mom

God bless the 20-somethin moms The mom that was told having a baby in your 20’s will ruin your fun years

Your 20's should be full of traveling, partying and dumb choices. Not responsibility, diapers and daycare. - but honestly now- we wouldn’t have it any other way. God bless the 20-somethin' mom who missed out on girls trips because she couldn’t find a babysitter but still found joy cuddling watching movies and breathing in Deep that sweet new baby smell with our new broke best friends. 20-somethin' moms loose friends so quickly. All of a sudden conversations with our childless friends come to a slow halt because they just can’t relate anymore. But on our journey of motherhood we gain friends who become instant family that bring wisdom, more purpose and add value to our lives. 20-somethin' moms learn the same magic tricks to turn the impossible to POSSIBLE as we’ve seen our parents & grandparents done when we were children. We are the epitome of being young, old , hip and not cool all at the same time. Yes we want to go out and turn up but we also want to be in bed by 10 pm sharp! 20-somethin' moms need prayer and lots of it. 20 something moms need guidance the most. Between their own self discovery and discovering how to take care of someone else simultaneously - 20 something moms need a BREAK! God bless the 20-somethin' moms. One thing I can tell you is 20-somethin' moms are strong, quick witted and magical! So the next time you see a mom in her 20’s whether it’s a friend, family member. Let them know they the bomb! That they are selfless and amazing! The strength it takes to supposedly give up what is deemed to be “the wonder years” in today’s culture to love and nurture another life is Godly.

God bless the 20-somethin' mom

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