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8 Ways To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom

So the number one answer I got from asking you guys what worried you the most about being a stay at home mom was of course .. FINANCES!

Money does talk

and let's be honest nobody wants to be broke! In the black/brown communities especially women, it is extremely hard for us to even ask for help and we always need or find a way to get it on our own by any means necessary. AM I WRONG?!

Shooot...I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t my worry to because it def was. But like I said in my last blog, I was already working on another stream of income while working a 9-5, because I just knew I wasn’t going to be there forever.

There are so many ways to make money and so much money to be made! Tbh some of it requires just a functional system to work & you can be anywhere in the world and make money in your sleep.

I want to share with my girls (my momsties) my top ways that I make or made money before and after I was fired.

  • DELIVERY APPS - My personal fave is Uber eats or DoorDash. The sign up is effortless, you can either use your car or even a bike to deliver food or now alcoholic beverages in your neighborhood. The best time to deliver is between 11-2pm (the lunch rush). The tips are cool and you can easily make $400-$500 a week working Monday- Friday a few hours a day and be back in time to pick up the babies from school. I enjoy podcast while driving around and making lists of new places to try and eat from with the family! A win win if you'd ask me!

  • SELL NEW OR GENTLY USED CLOTHES & FURNITURE- Offerup & Letgo is my jam! Especially around holiday season. Those bags or shoes you barely worn or even electronics your children grew out of can make a great gift for another family and put some extra coin in your pocket. That’s dining set you don’t want any more?.. no problem! List it on the app(which is effortless to download btw) and make that coin!

  • VIRTUAL ASSISTANT- This one I haven’t personally tried yet but my cousin/business partner hired & pays a VA off the site to do any tasks he doesn’t have time for or to make running his business smoother. You can do anything from data entry, social media managing etc. Whatever your personal skill set is put it to work without having to leave home!

  • DOG WALKER - Something I haven’t tried yet either but always seemed like fun! Companies like , or makes dog walking and pet sitting jobs a breeze. Both companies have apps that you can utilize to create a profile and have clients contact and hire you to take care of their furry friends! Make money while getting love and cuddles from a pup. Why not?! (Btw this can def help my momsties destress & get some exercise in too)!

  • TUTORING- For my education major mamas! Tutoring is a great way to make money!! Not only are you helping the children of the future but you can also incorporate your children as well too while making money! You can charge hourly or per session. Create a team of education majors and start your own tutoring company out of your home. Knowledge is power & coin!

  • START A SHORT TERM RENTAL COMPANY - This is my personal fave & what I currently do! If you’ve been with me for a while you know I do Airbnb/ Corporate leasing. The correct term is actually short term rental arbitrage. You can start this up with minimal capital and the best part is you can use a space you already have. Whether it’s a room in your apartment or you rent another apartment or house, you then furnish it, create an automated system for check in/checkout & the cleaners, list your property on the Airbnb site and your off to the races! I make money in my sleep and requires on most days little effort to operate (THIS IS WHERE YOUR SYSTEMS PLAY A MAJOR PART).

(I will right a more detailed blog about how we got into the game and made a profit in the first month with just a bedroom rental soon I promise!!)

  • CREATE & SELL ON ETSY/ONLINE STORE-if you are a creative and love making beautiful pieces of artwork whether it’s a painting, clothes anything. You can create an online store or use a platform like Etsy (which already has a community looking for personal, unique handmade items) and sell your goods. This too also requires minimal start up costs! I started to sell my t-shirts on Etsy a while back and made some coin! Def recommend.

  • RENT YOUR CAR/TURO - I tried this once and the way my anxiety is built it’s not for me, but I know a few people that are killing the car rental game. I made $100 for a two day car rental the same day I listed my car but like I said I’ve had one too many accidents and trust issues when it comes to people driving my car nonetheless a stranger. BUT IF YOUR OPEN TO IT - I’d say give it a try. Shoot me a dm cause I know a guy that can put y’all on!


  • CONTENT CREATOR OR BLOG - Which I currently do now of course, and LOVE! Not only do I get to try new products and check out new places but I also get paid to share my personal experiences with you all! Influencer marketing business is booming and tbh its hard work! From the writing, creative directing and all that goes into it. It can feel like a 9-5 lol but it’s honestly really fun especially if your being yourself and your content is true and genuine. It really does pay off and for me helps my mental health connecting and venting to my momsties. I truly love our community. So it's always a win for me!

So as I am currently here writing this blog at 2am because this message was on my spirit and I needed to get this information out to you all #GODbeworking.. I am here to say...There is money to be made out there boo trust me!

You can be a SAHM & a BOSS on your terms. Create the life balance YOU want. Do what makes YOU happy. Create generational wealth & nurture and be emotionally and physically available for your family and most importantly yourself!

Protip: Create a sheet with all of your reoccurring expenses & priorities such as rent, electric, childcare etc. Evaluate to see how you can lower those expenses and find your magic monthly number. Divide that number by 30. That’s the amount you should roughly make a day to cover your responsibilities.

Ex: $5000 is my monthly responsibilities for my family. I divide that by 30 days is roughly $167 dollars per day!

With the money makers I just listed you can make more than that and then some! It also helps if you have a partner as well and that becomes even easier to obtain!

I hope this helps or even give you some ideas to take the leap of faith!

I Love you guys! Until next time xoxo