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Look Good to Feel Good!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I did a little retail therapy and came up with some stylish & comfortable looks for muvva's!

I must admit I was nervous to do this because I lost a bit of weight on Keto diet and the clothes fit awkward! But thanks to some encouraging words from friends and family I said eff it! Lol!

The T-shirt’s are made by me! A little hobby I picked up during Quarantine <3

Black heels are from #Walmart clearance for $3.00 & red pleather jacket from Walmart for $15!

A HUGE thank you to babe that after a long day of work he still helped me record this for you guys all while hyping me up! (Hence I had to twerk in every outfit-that's how I know it fit right OKAYY!!)

Lmk which look is your fave! .


Like the Song?

"Body Gold" remix by @marcbunskunk feat. @channeltrendsetta.

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