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Dear Mom..I Get It Now

I honestly started immediately stressing when my mom said she was coming to visit.

I have this need of everything had to be perfect. She couldn’t come and see me lacking or not doing okay.

Which was stupid because we really are doing great. But once that anxiety kick in nothing seems good enough. It was honestly the pep talk from babe that calmed my nerves and made me see my insecurities about my mom coming was foolish. As most people do I geared myself up for the judgement or remarks and embarrassing stories of when we were little.

Or childhood traumas rear it’s ugly head and the defenses start to rise. Don’t get me wrong I was happy to see my mom. But the mom I knew that raised me —loved to party and be young and hip while I stayed home with my grandma and video games.

What I didn’t understand then was she had my sister and I young. There was no manual on motherhood and she did her best trying to balance the two. To still live her life and also raise my sister and myself. 

Dear Mom,

I get it now.

Honestly, Since she landed everything has been very chill and fun! My babies had their Nana & Rene and I even had the chance to have some US time without the hassle of getting a babysitter! 🥰 Thanks Ma I love you - your twin 🖤

So to my Muvva's who have a downright panic attack when your parents are coming to visit you. Try this:

  1. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Slow down your thoughts by focusing on your breath to calm the anxiety.

  2. Talk with your partner or a great friend who can help remind you that the life you built for yourself is not as bad as you may think it is in your parents eyes.

  3. If you journal or blog read over your post and see the growth and accomplishments you've achieved thus far.

  4. Remember your parents will respect your space and life once they see how you care for your home and things around as I am sure you done when living in their home.

  5. 9 times out of 10 they'd rather boast about all the good things you've accomplished living on your own and with your family than anything else!

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