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Foam Play Activity!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Moxie & Lyn absolutely LOVED this activity I found on @mothercould on Instagram.

Now that we are back in Phase one Quarantine because of the spike in cases- we are just looking for some new cool activities to keep the little one occupied for even 5 mins!

Moxie is full of energy from sun up to sun down and finding an activity that keeps her attention could be rough..

But who can resist colorful foam?!

NOT MOXIE ! This activity was SUPER simple and easy to make and I LIVE for SIMPLE and EASY!

All you need is:

  • 1 Cup of water

  • 2-3 TBSP of tear free baby soap- we used Johnson's and Johnson's

  • Food Coloring

You mix all of these ingredients together in the blender and pour in a basin or tub (your choice) and let your kiddos have at it!

I only used one color to test it out and it was a #success. Next Time I am going to do the whole rainbow!

But of course things got messy and w/ Moxie getting too excited to splash Lyn. As I looked at the purple, slippery mess of the room I died a little inside I am not even going to lie.

But as I took a towel and just wiped off everything 1,2,3 clean!

My 7 year helped cleaned the rest of the mess with ease, as I bathed the baby (having older kids is THE best lol).

Don't worry about staining the little ones body- the food coloring on her just washed away <3

We are def going to try this out again- maybe for some bath time fun time!

What activites are you guys doing with your babies? We'd love to hear from you and try out new ideas too!

You can find the activity table we used for this activity in our "Family Faves" Click here to get yours!

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