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How I Beat The Business Blues

When you decide to go on the venture of being your own boss you’ll very frequently find yourself to have what I like to call the business blues.

When the business blues takes over you’ll have an overwhelming sense of anxiety, some ir

ritability and restlessness. Depression can also rear its ugly head too during this time making it feel 10x worst. 

The simplest of everyday tasks will feel overwhelming until you get over this hurdle. Even opening up social media or the thought will get your heart racing because of those perfect snapshots you see of everyone having it “together” on your timeline. 

Business blues happens to me at least twice every quarter of the year for very random reasons. I can feel like I’m doing too much or doing too little. I’m a sucker for knowledge and education so if I miss a event,webinar or Live by someone that I look up too for business or admire - I be like damn I missed out on an opportunity.

I also feel like I suffer from the Business blues more frequently because I have children.

Being a mom ALWAYS comes first before anything and I feel like my business sometimes lacks or suffers because of the attention I put into my family and home.

I am still very much learning how to balance family and entrepreneurship. It is NOT an easy task. I’ve been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember from Reconstructing denim in my late teens to early 20’s to  professional freelance makeup artistry to my most recent venture The Millennial Market Pop Up Shops in 2017 before I launched my brand “Muvvahood.” 

In each and every one of those ventures the business blues caught up with me and some didn’t make it out the business blues phase sadly,  But I must say that I’ve learned to cope better and pull myself out of the feeling and developed tactics and tools too! 

My top 5 tactics that has helped me beat the business blues:

1. My content planner by Marketing by Monrae! This planner bundle has helped me tremendously with getting my content for my blog and business together! It comes with the planner that takes you from point A all the way to point z. A journal to document your progress and a great read on how to monetize on Instagram. (Click here to grab yours)

2. A mentor! I go to a few people for business advice and consultations and I've gotta tell you since I started speaking with them my platform has increased in engagement, helped me put out purposeful content as well as land deals and products with brands.

3. Actually enjoying what I do. Your business yes it's a job but should always be something you enjoy. Things aren't always going to go as planned especially with children involved. Laugh at the mess and spills of it all. it makes you and your brand relatable and you can connect with your audience.

4. You are the company you keep. The friends I have and keep close to me are one very honest, moms as well or are entrepreneurs themselves. Even my boyfriend is an artist his self and we all push each other to be better than we were yesterday, or even the last 5 mins. I love having them as accountability partners. It keeps me going and pushing on.

5. Lastly but definitely not the least PRAYER! I can't tell you all how many times my back was up against the wall or I thought my anxiety was going to swallow me whole. There have ben times where I had no clue where I was going to get the money for something, the vendors for another event or anything at all. Lord knows I will pray and then BOOM! literally out of nowhere I'd get a phone call or come across a person that will do or help with exactly I prayed for. I know I am always covered by the Lord and honestly that's what calms my anxiety 99 percent of the time.

Mom's will one way or another GET IT DONE -@MUVVAHOOD

No business journey is a straight line. It’s a roller coasters of trial and errors. 

So, to all my Momstie boss moms you are not alone. I know EXACTLY how you feel & I am here with you but I’m also here to help you beat that funk!

Honestly, my faith in God have been what saves me EVERY TIME.  In this you have to have in this journey of entrepreneurship is BIG FAITH in God. 

With my faith, accompanied by my handy dandy planner and tactics I instilled in my home and schedule I’ll go into details in my next blog post on how to Beat the business blues! 

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