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How I Kicked Off The New Year: Our January 2k22 Calendar

How do you start off the new year?

I’ve been easing into 2022

I think all of us can use a break & some Grace after these past two years?? I can honestly say the holidays have been great to us. It was really special having Denise, Rene’s parents & sister here from Brooklyn. It was his parents first time here & they loved it.

We were all together & it was perfect.

I’m still basking in the ambiance a bit because it took me forever to take my tree a down & my reef is still on the front door (judge me if you please). I’ll take it down this week….maybe 😂

But anywho…the Owens-Mercedes residence has been on planning mode and ready to shift all aspects of our lives into high gear. Rene’s moving business is heading into the busy season & I’m planning content, blogs & events for this year for Muvvahood, Muvva & Co. The Muvva Luxxe Experience & more.

We are usually pressured into having the whole year planned out by Jan 1 and if you don’t your the ultimate failure.

Honestly, I feel it’s best to use the whole month of January as your planning/testing month.

Let’s stick our big toe in, check the temp and then jump in. No rush. Let it marinate, & soak in the flavor because the one thing I refuse to enter 2022 with is with anxiety and self doubt.

I’ve been planning out my days tentatively. Most of the time my days shift and that’s okay -it’s life.

Here’s what my next 31 days looks like for January 2022 so far..

Jan 1-Relax (Family visiting)

Jan 2- Family goes back to Bklyn ( Cry)

Jan 3- Do Lyn’s Hair Over

Jan 4-Go Over Financials

Jan 5-Content Day

Jan 6-First day Back to school & Lyn Hip Hop Dance Class

Jan 7- Dance party in Community

Jan 8- Clean out closet

Jan 9-

Jan 10- Braid Hair

Jan 11- Motives Business Call

Jan 12-Content Day

Jan 13-Lyn hip hop Dance Class

Jan 14-Pick Up Mom from Airport. Drive to GA & BFF Sarah Birthday

Jan 15- set up Airbnb & Drive back home from GA

Jan 16-My Brother bday

Jan 17-MLK day

Jan 18-Go over Financials

Jan 19-My sister bday

Jan 20-Motives Business Call & Lyn Hip Hop Dance Class

Jan 21-Work on Inventory for Muvva & Co. Shop

Jan 22- Family Movie Night (Eternals)

Jan 23-Go over Financials

Jan 24-Community Event

Jan 25- Plan relaunch of Muvva & Co.

Jan 26- Content Day

Jan 27-Lyn Hip Hop Dance Class

Jan 28-

Jan 29- Family Movie Night

Jan 30-

Jan 31-community Event

In between all of that I’m kickboxing for an hour every day, ordering groceries & doing laundry on Sunday.

Wishing everyone a blessed new year!