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How I Made Pooka's Birthday Tutu!

Pooka’s turning TWO this month!! We are so excited!

We decided her theme is going to be Sour Patch Kids! 🌈 If you know Pooka you’ll know first she is sour and THEN she is sweet 🍭 lmao!

I've been bit with the creative bug lately and decided I was going to try and make Pooka's tutu myself! I luckily found a tutu kit right on my favorite site for only $20 bucks! - CLICK- BOOM-PRIME- IT's MINE lol!

The kit was only about $20 and came with everything :

-tulle is various colors (25 yards each)


-elastic waistband

-measuring tape

I matched it with our basic “Mini” tee 😊- you can find it on out shop here!

It literally only took an hour! 👌🏾 Watch the full video below!

The tutu came out nice and full and fluffy and I still have a bunch of tool left over! I can probably make about 2-3 more tutu's for her. This was fun and def worth the $20!

Get your amazon tutu kit here


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