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How To Rock Remote Learning!

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Summer’s Over Already?!

2020 has been eventful! With the pandemic changing lives across the globe and now instead of just your keys and wallet to be ready you need keys, wallet, mask, and hand sanitizer before you even think about heading out into the public.

And now we have to adjust to the new “remote learning” for our children because umm who’s sending their child to school to learn with masks and face guards and walking in social distancing military lines and eating alone at lunch away from friends and their teachers looking like the Apocalypse——I THINK NOT!

So now that summer is over and parents are all preparing their children with computers and makeshift classrooms in their bed/living rooms trying to normalize the not normal situation can cause a bit of anxiety for both mom and kid.

I’ve come up with some ways that i Implemented in our house to be prepared for the school year.

Tip #1

Can’t find a desk? NO PROBLEM! Get creative and make a desk. It’s easier than it sounds trust me! Take a trip to your local Home Depot for some wood which they can cut to the dimensions you need sanding pads - wood finish paint and brackets and a drill! In an hour they will have their workstation ready to go!

Tip #2

We bought some learning posters for Lyn that had everything from Addition, to place value, money and fractions and placed it around her desk for her to reference In case she needed some assistance. I've linked the posters in our "Family Faves" tab here.

Tip #3

You can use an IKEA quad cubby unit to keep their extra school supplies readily accessible next to the desk- so there is no “moooom I need this or I can’t find that”

(link to Ikea Cubby here)

Tip #4

Candy/prize jar-sometimes kids need a little motivation or dare I say bribing to stay focused on the assignment and try harder: Lyn is one of those where she won’t understand something until A new toy or treat is offered as collateral 😅

Tip #5

A healthy snack station- use small cubbies or jars or even a designated section in your fridge for some brain food. You can be fancy and label them as well so there is less of a rush to make some food while you are working from home. I like to do bite sized sandwiches, fruit snacks and fruit cups, water bottles and apple juice boxes their favorite bag of chips and some icee's in the freezer.

Tip #6

Use a household products like Cotton balls or q-tips as manipulative for math if you need too! Here's a link to one of my fave's 7 Days of Play math addition box here !

Tip #7

Prepare the night before! Just like you would before the pandemic- showered, outfit set (even if it’s sweatpants pants and a tee), lunchbox packed pencils sharpened! The next morning will be much easier to deal with.

Tip #8

If your child has any chapter reading homework - you read the chapters the night before so you are prepared to answer any questions they may have tomorrow on the assignment

Tip #9

Don’t get upset-take a break! Remember that this is a new concept that they are learning and even though you may know the answer it is they don’t! Try searching up a fun YouTube video that may help explain the concept better! -Youtube is your best friend this year!

Tip #10

Let your partner or even older siblings help the younger siblings with work too! Everything don’t have to be on you mom! Allow and ask others to help.

Tip #11

Last but not least contact your HR. Department and manager to see what your company is doing to support staff with families who are remote learning. Email is better (paper trail) they may also have some resources that you can utilize that will help your workday to go smoother- whether it’s adjusting your schedule some paid time off with FFCRA

I hope these tips help make your remote school year less stressful and more of a seamless transition.

I can honestly say I like remote learning a bit more than traditional.

I can help Lyn keep on track and limit distractions. It also gives me the chance to see what type of learner she is and creatively come up with ways to help her understand concepts better on our terms. She may just complete the school year remote.

What do you guys think? Have your child started remote learning yet? Do you prefer remote or traditional? Love to hear your input!

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