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I Miss Pre-Motherhood Life

Motherhood is so fulfilling- you’ll never miss your pre parenthood life...

This is the FURTHEST from the truth!

Yes motherhood is dope AF you grow so much and learn you can do things you never thought you could BUT I’d be lying to you if I said I never missed my life before I had children!

I miss days where I can sleep in and get up when I want to. Or just get up and go to the store without having to chase after a naked baby to put her pamper on. I miss not having my money tied up in diapers, daycare and toys that only get played for a week and then forgotten about. I miss not having mom guilt!

Now does all this mean I look back dwell in the past of how it once was? —Nah! It just shows that being a mom isn’t the only thing I am or ever was. 

You’ve been “me, myself and I” for years and now after 9 months you’ll never be alone for the rest of your life—— and No parenting don’t stop when your child turns 18 or 21 (I still call my momma for things lol) 

So Muvva don’t feel bad if you catch yourself reminiscing about how it used to be, that’s completely Understandable. Realizing this is just step one of starting your self care routine to take care of YOUR needs. 

•take some time for yourself to do the things you used to love doing  once a week or every two weeks or month whichever is best for you 

•secure and budget a babysitter or talk with your partner so you can schedule time  so that you can do these things with ease!

Love ya'll! <3

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