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Mommy & Me Skin Care Tutorial

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Teaching your Mini's to love them self is very important. As a parent you musts feed their mind body and spirit. Including Lyn in my Skincare tutorial does not only bring us closer but teaches her to love and care for the beautifully MELANTATED SKIN she is in!

We used #hellobody Coco Pure skincare line. They are 100% organic and not tested on animals which we love! It is safe and very effective for her skin even with her Eczema!

We are our kids superheroes!

I try to be better than myself so she can be better than me!

Our kids mimic everything we do down to our mannerisms. There is not a day I look at my babies and say oh my god they are just like me/dad! lol It creeps me out but also makes me realize that everything I do is being watched by the most important people in my life! So I take care of me and teach them to take care of themselves because self care is the BEST CARE!

I love having nail dates and spa and lunch dates with my mini's. My kids are my broke best friends! We laugh,we cry, we talk, and we self care together.

What self care routine's do you share with your minis? Send us an inbox and share your ideas! We'd love to try!

#beauty #mommyandme #selfcare #loveyourself #teachablemoments

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