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Muvva & Mini's Fitness!

Working out with the mini's have been a really fun bonding experience! My motto for parenting lately is

"Be better than your best self so my kids can be better than that!"

It's my responsibility to make sure my girls learn how to self care and take care of their health. Fitness is one way I teach them about self care.

Working out with Lyn is SUPER easy! She loves any activity that we do together!

It was a bit of a challenge for Lyn at first and she kept saying "Mommy she's doing too much!" LMAO! But she hung in there & I love that!

Moxie aka Pooka is the challenging one to workout with! She thinks I am her personal pony and trampoline jumping on my belly.

For the workout

I used the @Jbodysculpt waist band to help me sweat in my mid section and siiiiiiiis I was GLISTENIN' lol

We did the @chloe_T workout on youtube and boy!- Were we tired after lol. All of Chloe Ting workouts are about 20 min or less and they are no joke and I love the 15 min full body hiit ( apartment friendly)- Although I have pretty good neighbors.

Sorry in advance for the bad camera angle's I had to adjust to Pooka being everywhere lol!

Looking for some cute workout gear for us to get moving in! Any suggestions drop in the comments below!

I hope you enjoy the videos!

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