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Muvva Myth Buster- I bonded instantly with my baby!

A common motherhood myth you always hear is that you’ll immediately have a bond with your baby.

Although that may be true for most there are many where that bond has to develop and grow and guess what..


My first night in the hospital alone with Lyn I stared at her 👀 and she stared at me 👀 and I was like soooo.. we here now wassup 😂

I was still shocked that I am now responsible for this little tiny human and I haven’t the slightest clue what to do..

There were many nights like that. There are a few things that helped me create a bond with Lyn

•We did a lot of skin to skin contact more when she was a newborn to like 6 months - there’s something about the warmth of your skin and heartbeat beating together that’s just soothing and helps strengthen the connection. I’d even take showers with her and sing to her in the shower and hold her close.

•I used a chest carrier as I did things around in the house. It gave me that feeling and confidence that even though I had a baby I can still get things done. It also helped keep her calm too!

• I let her nana take her for a day or two. Then I realized I missed her too much and the 99,000 phone calls happened and me asking her to bring her back home sooner.

There are going to be stages of your baby where your absolutely going to LOVE and then there’s stages where you’ll be asking for a REFUND because it’s ghetto AF here. 😂

So don’t stress Muvva about needing to instantly have a bond with your baby—- you’ve just spent 9 months with someone invading your personal space, making your hormones all crazy and just being so invasive 😂

Breathe and take it day by day- it’ll come naturally! ❤️

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