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My Top 3 Advantages About Being A Stay At Home Mom: Normalize Black Homemakers

I can honestly say right now I am happy.

No, I don't have thousands of dollars, no I don't have a huge house or anything like that. I am happy because I finally own my time.

I got fired on June 30th 2021 and I vowed to never go back to a 9-5 again. I told myself I was going to have “Kanye sized” faith & belief in myself and my talents and go full time entrepreneur and content creator. What's crazy is I am telling myself this as my relationship was failing, I was depressed, anxiety through the roof and I was just failing in life, I already felt like I had nothing.

But the moment they told me that I was terminated effective immediately.... I felt instant relief.

I’ve worked since I was 16 years old starting out as a camp counselor at a YMCA in the city. For as long as I remembered I was always on someone else’s time clock or payroll & over the years I started to hate it more and more. Don’t get me wrong I was always good at my job whether it was in beauty, education or the medical field. I either got promoted or was the lead of a team or classroom.

But NOTHING fulfilled me as much as when I started working on my own businesses. Working a 9-5 sucked the life out of me & it affected everything around me negatively. I became such a pessimistic because I felt trapped. I was drowning in self-pity. When my grandmother passed, she left her 4 grandbabies (my sister, two cousins and me) some money that she wanted us to invest in ourselves with. It wasn’t much but it was enough for my sister and I to come together and form our short-term rental business Mi Casa Su Casa Rentals LLC. BEST DECISION WE COULD’VE MADE EVER! This leads me to my first advantage of being a SAHM.

Advantage #1: Finally able to put 100% into my own business and be my own boss

Not only do we make money in our sleep but since we have automations and systems in place after set up it’s a breeze to manage & now we are looking to scale! If I was still working maybe the funds would've helped me move forward faster but my effort in it would be half ass. I tell myself now it was all God's planning & timing.

Advantage #2: My relationship is Flourishing

It’s been 5 months and let me tell y’all… my relationship has been AMAZING. Rene is self-employed as well with his professional moving company. So, on his off days, we now go on day dates uninterrupted without the babies, have actual adult conversations about our hobbies, interests, future planning and everything. The MAJOR BONUS is I am not too tired for sex!!

TMI I know but girl!,,, How many of Ya'll can agree after working an 8-hour shift, picking up the kids from school, homework, bath time, dinner and putting the kids to sleep I didn't even want him to look my way and that's horrible and not fair. So, losing my job was even more of a blessing because it created a balance, we both didn't know we needed. It has unlocked levels in my femininity & I didn't realize how much of a homemaker and nurturer I was naturally. I had a sense of calm that he finds extremely attractive.

Advantage #3: I am less frustrated with my kids & now they are flourishing too

Lyn is student of the month in school & Moxie has well… still been Moxie (lol)! I finally get to take my babies to school without having to rush like a maniac to an office to clock in. When my babies are sick, I can nurture them and pay attention to them and not feel guilty about taking a day off.

Thy sky seems bluer even on the cloudiest days, the sun seems brighter and the grass is def greener!

I get to wake up and finally OWN MY TIME. Schedule my day on my terms and how I want to. With this I had to practice my discipline and my priorities, but I am already OCD about schedules so that was a no brainer to me.

No shade to the amazing mamas in the corporate world and doing the damn thing! It's just not my steelo anymore.

I do advise to have contingency plans if you decide to jump ship or find support whether it be in friends, family or state programs. Don't jump ship without a plan, but just know even if it wasn't planned and you were fired just like I was there are MANY MANY ways in this day in age to make money with the resources you do have available to you.

I'll cover that in my next blog post boo.. I got you!

So, if you're thinking about jumping ship mama or if you've just got fired & the thought about going back to a 9-5 makes your skin crawl. I support you 100000000% percent. Being a SAHM is not only for the rich & wealthy or even the white. You can be a black woman, supported, a boss and perfectly happy as a homemaker. I am so so happy and wouldn't trade this for the world!

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