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Regroup, Reorganize & Remind

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

After I sage and clean the house I usually sit down and organize my plans for the week.

I only do a week out because as a mom I know and understand life and kids happen so it is vital to be FLEXIBLE!

"Don't sweat the small stuff- Flexibility is key!"

The successful key to my Weekly plan list is that no matter the order I have a GUIDE to see what my priorities to complete for the week even if some days switch or adjust!

Whether I am writing it down or putting it on my iPad I use “My Weekly Planner” that I designed to help keep track of the To Do’s for that week & just put it on my fridge .

Sidebar- I hate repeating myself- don't you agree?

I use this so not just me but the FAMILY knows what’s going on because as a muvva on the go I got the least time to explain or my mind is going a mile a minute to remind everyone 50,000 times what we have to do today lol.

On my weekly planner I have my

✨Things to do

✨Weekly Chore List (only one chore a day!)

✨Buy List

✨Appointments (doctors,school/business meetings etc)

That pretty much covers it and I’m off to the races on Monday I get up make my tea and look at my weekly list on what to do today and get right too it

You can click the link HERE to download the PDF of “My Weekly Planner” for yourself to use on your phone or print!

I hope you enjoy and this helps! .

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