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Updated: May 17, 2020

We've all been there, suffering from the virus PA-REN-TING & the house is in complete CHAOS and you just want to disappear in thin air or have your fairy godmuvva just swoop in and with a swish of her wand everything and EVERYONE is back in order.

Momsties look we've ALL been there-

From the crazy kids to a job who under appreciates but overworks the hell out of you -I am officially DONE.

Since being home I’ve lost track of time and space with this quarantine. Everybody and everything gets on my last nerve- and I know it’s not ALL their fault but damn a woman needs a moment to just be to herself! .


Just like everybody else I’ve been binge watching YouTube videos and vlogs of all these dope moms and how they got it all together and their cute quirky family —-and I’m like damn I wish I had my shit together like that! .


But do they REALLY have it all together?? Cause SIS! — In reality when your a parent- even though you may look like you have it all together MOST days- there are nights/days where- your toddler is running around with no diaper on because she thinks it’s funny- your 7 going on 17 year old is balls deep in Roblox or some type of device and give you attitude for telling them to DO ANYTHING AT ALL && your husband/bf/partner your with is either playing a video game or doing something else that’s just NOT helping to maintain the house sanity & To put the icing on the cake — y’all haven’t had any alone time with each other in over a week because the baby don’t want to sleep in her own bed!! My frustration is on cosmic levels and now that we are on Quarantine and Auntie RONA who nobody invited to the BBQ just POPPED up and ruining everyone Spring/summer! .


I need an Alien to come and abduct my ass PLEASE!

But since earth is ghetto AF right now that even the aliens cant come get me—I’m forced to now more than ever get my life and household ALL the way together Okurrr! .

So here's this!

I’m going to try a little this a little that and see what works! Not everything works for everybody or family and that’s cool.

I’m going to do it my way —and maybe just maybe even it’s it’s one or two women or moms out there I can help —I’ll be soo happy!

Shit is about to get REAL! Y’all ready?! I’m Excited 🤣

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