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Top Five Ways How Motherhood Changes You.

Wearing matching sneakers with my biggest baby Lyn. Impromptu photoshoot before school.

In what ways has motherhood change you?

Besides the obvious body changes like the stretch marks, engorged or saggy boobs, and weight gain or loss. It changes you as a person, from your mindset to world views.

Motherhood is a life changing experience. All of a sudden instead of being more judgmental your more understanding. Your more interested in all sides of the story and not stuck on your own. Your selfishness becomes selflessness and it’s all because of this tiny human that calls you mommy.

Here are my five changes that I notice all of my mom friends near and far can all agree on that happens when on your motherhood journey.

#1. We will find a way to get it done

The first change you’ll notice is that as a mother you become really resourceful! I mean I’m sure all moms say at least a few dozen times a day “by hook or crook it will get done” or some version of that & why is this?! I mean I’m sure all moms say at least a few dozen times a day “by hook or crook it will get done” or some version of that & why is this? resourceful! I mean I’m sure all moms say at least a few dozen times a day “by hook or crook it will get done” or some version of that & why is this?

Because for mom’s failure is really not an option. We have tiny people that every decision we make directly impacts them.

Moms would hustle to the end of the earth to make sure your babies have food in their tummy, even if they go hungry. Mothers pick up second & third jobs to make sure their little one can go to that field trip or have all the tools she need to succeed in life.

We find ways to make things happen even if we have no clue on how, what, when or where. If it can be researched, we will find it and apply it. Nothing beats a mother's nature to provide.

#2. People pleasing is a thing of the past

I used to be a serial people pleaser. I’d say yes to just about anything, especially if you approached me with a valid sob story combined with the fact that I just always felt the need to help or save even if it drained my energy. According to an article in the (link: “nothing for forces you to create boundaries like having kids… we must say no in order to say yes to to what is most essential”

Now I’ve embraced saying no. No is powerful to me. I’ve gained amazing friendships and respect by using the word no. My time is managed better because I say no.

I even say no to myself because if I don’t, I’ll be broke buying everything or not getting in shape & better health! Can I get an amen?!

#3. A mother's intuition

Your gut becomes a very invasive & intense guide after having children. In a recent article I read on ( “your gut will guide you...don’t question it, always pursue it.”

Somehow mothers just know when their toddler is up to no good, or something is wrong with their child physically or emotionally. As a mom your gut will sense an accident happen before it even happens.

Even if your child doesn’t like a certain person or caretaker, your gut will sense it and I urge you to always take action. A mother intuition is a God given gift and we must use it to protect our little ones.

There’s naturally a spiritual connection between you and your baby where you can sense things about them and even vice versa! I mean they did invade your whole body for 9 months I’ll be surprised if this wasn’t a thing!

#4. Adaptability

We all know with children change can happen in a moment's notice. A mother’s adaptability is immaculate. Not only can you create a schedule (which naturally comes from when your baby is a newborn, and they eat and poop every two hours etc) but your also able to be even more flexible than before or find a solution to a problem quick on your feet when things don’t go as smooth as expected.

I remember before I had Edlyn and something didn’t go my way I was upset, I was arguing, everything in the world was wrong and because it didn’t go that way that means it wouldn’t work any other way.

(I feel y’all judging me- im a work in progress!)

Now with my babies and something doesn’t pan out like I expected it too. I’m more like eh. okay so what’s the next best step or decision from here.

#5. Don’t sweat the small stuff

We pushed out a whole human being- So that phone call or email can wait. Your baby needs to eat or need they booty wiped. Peridot.

It’s such a freeing feeling of not giving a F&@!

You’ll notice a lot of things that used to matter before isn’t that big of a deal anymore. I find that we make more vulnerable connections with people this way. We can, throw on a pair of sweats, put our hair up and some kicks and head out the door. Your glowing motherly confidence beats anything else!