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Customer messaging has never been so easy. Now you can send messages to potential clients and customers at the speed of light. Crisp offers a mobile-first solution for messaging on the go — no need to download any additional apps. We know what your customers are doing, and when they're doing it. In the past, customers would have to choose between giving you their email address or perhaps sharing a Facebook session, but now with a single app they can connect with your brand on any device, any channel. Hassle-free communication is now a reality. With Crisp, you can have the best customer experience available, built into the design of your website. Your business should always have the right tools in place to deliver a customized customer experience. Now your customers can get in touch at the exact moment they're thinking about your product or service. Crisp also offers powerful tools to help you build, measure and manage messaging. -- IMPORTANT NOTICE -- Crisp is not an advertising app, and we will not send any form of marketing material to your customers without your consent. -- IMPORTANT NOTICE -- All emails will be delivered through your own email app, your own branded email (not ours) and all emails will have your own branded link, saving your customer time. -- IMPORTANT NOTICE -- Crisp is not an advertising app, and we will not send any form of marketing material to your customers without your consent. Client: Status: 1 review for Crisp 5 out of 5 Jonas Salomonsson – Dec 26, 2017: J 5 out of 5 Jeffrey Ramos – Jan 05, 2018: This is an absolutely brilliant app! As a one man team, I wanted an app that was extremely easy to use for customers and easy to monitor and get reports from, as well as able to integrate with other apps, but also secure. I couldn’t have found a better app than Crisp. My business, Tantras Online, was built from the ground up to run only Crisp, and it has been amazing! Everything is simple and easy, and you can configure your channel in a few minutes. Then you can have automated or manual messages and followups. The list goes on and on! Crisp does not require any special systems or integrations, all it requires is a website and a domain name. I work from a5204a7ec7

Built for businesses, Crips by LiveChat features multi-user concierge chat and support for customers, agents, and internal support teams. The team can use Crips to automate support escalations and engage with customers across a range of channels. Key Features: Over 15,000 + people Support agents can use Crips to interact with customers, or provide instant, high quality support to internal clients. Concierge Chat with customers and agents Work together or across channels with the same chat history, keyboard shortcuts, and instant messaging. Conversations within a channel Automatically store and search an entire conversation history, across all channels. Automated chats Save time and reach out to customers with an automated chat instead of a pre-scripted agent message. Live Chat with customers Use a live chat to collaborate with your support agents and provide exceptional service. Conversations across channels Provide a consistent service experience across all channels, helping keep your agents and customers happy. In-chat customer messaging Get replies from customers and other channels that a conversation is happening on. SMS Customers are easily reached by phone with SMS support. Desktop and mobile apps Get agents the information they need across desktop and mobile apps. Search support conversations Search through and find the right support conversation or reply for each customer. Make teams easier Teams can easily communicate and collaborate across channels with shared chat history and keyboard shortcuts. Teams can also create private, customer specific channels to provide support, or as a simple way to connect with multiple clients at once. Training Support team members can quickly get up to speed with user guides, tips and tricks and best practices. Add-ons: Inline File Upload Upload files from desktop apps and save time and time. Direct Call Call our agents via phone for free. Redirect Redirect the customer to a webpage for more information or to the right channel. Team notes Share private notes with agents or with other team members. Direct messages Send private messages across channels. Bulk messages Send urgent messages to a group of clients. Chat support Attend to ongoing support requests with chat. Call extensions Add a built-in callback system to a call extension. WeChat Get started quickly with live chat integrations for WeChat! Make teams easier with groups App Description Our Team Daniel is


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